the first conversational AI
for your personal development

Proactive Intelligent Personal Assistant

Translate your personal development goals
into small daily actions for massive impact

How can PIPA help you?

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

Take time to reflect with fundamental questions, to prioritize objectives and draft your action plan.

Reduce mental load

Be reminded of key dates and deliverables, and check on you regularly so you can hold yourself accountable and identify what needs reverse engineering

Connect with intent

Celebrate the milestones and share progression with the close contacts of your choice

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About us


At Pairmission, we help people connecting back with their priorities by reminding them how awesome they already are, but also remembering to make time for the things and people who truly matter.

Some days, you may wake up and feel uninspired.
Let us support you.

By training PIPA to have a better understanding of what your priorities and interests are, our algorithms will suggest tailored content to boost your morale and creativity level.
The content selection is not only done in the utmost transparency, this understanding also allows us to connect you with key resources and people capable of helping you advance in your endeavours.

After all, happiness is not about how much we do in life, but how much fulfilment we feel in the few things we do, and being able to share a fun ride in the most exquisite company!

PIPA will accompany you as your personal cheerleader on a daily basis, the first AI to root for you and your personal development.


Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and Machine Learning, PIPA is a conversational AI agent capable of Natural Language Understanding.

This means it can understand and rank your priorities. We use its abilities to help you reach your goals with regular follow-ups and providing custom suggestions of resources related to your projects and interest, and motivational content.

Pairmission technology